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    Anat Baniel Speaks About NeuroMovement Approach at 2014 ICARE Conference
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    ASAN President Ari Ne'Eman's Keynote Speech
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    Dr. Stephen Shore Speaks About Career Success For Those on the Autism Spectrum
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    Miguel M. Salazar, Child Educational Advocate, on Meeting Education Goals in School and Beyond
Stephen Shore Success w Autism

Success with Autism: Using Our Strengths to Achieve a Fulfilling and Productive Life

Dr. Stephen Shore leads the discussion on how peole with autism can use ther strengths to achieve a fulfilling and productive life - just like everyone else. Considering autism as an expression of the diversity of the human gene pool rather than a life limiting disorder, let's look at how people with this condition are able to build fulfilling and productive lives.  Drawing from the author's own experiences as well as others on the autism spectrum, practical solutions in the areas of education, relationships, employment, self-advocacy, and disclosure shall be explored for maximizing the potential of people both on and off the autism spectrum.
Anat Baniel

NeuroMovement®: Turning the Child on the Autism Spectrum into a Brilliant Learner. Tools for Taking Advantage of the Remarkable Capacities of the Brain to Change

In this experiential workshop attendees will participate in movement lessons combined with theoretical discussion of the Nine Essentials to experience how their own brains can change. Tools to apply with the child with ASD (from a few months to teenager) that replace repetitive exercises will be shown and practiced helping the brain of the child self organize at higher levels, catapulting the child to be able to feel, understand, move, and think in ways that seemed unattainable before. Videos of sessions shown + Q&A Anat Baniel, M.A. Founder of the Anat Baniel Method Author of Bestselling Books Move into Life: The Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality and Kids Beyond Limits Anat Baniel, best selling author, clinical psychologist and dancer, is the creator of the Anat Baniel Method™ – a powerful practice that takes advantage of the brain’s ability to change itself to heal body and mind. From 30 years of remarkable outcomes with thousands of children with special needs, she developed the cutting-edge, scientifically based NeuroMovement® approach for transforming the lives of the children and their families. Her teaching is easy to follow, inspiring and life changing.

Gili Rechany: Social Skills Training

Participants will learn to develop and implement social skills training for children with autism using social stories, social scripts and cartooning. Using role modeling and games, participants will also learn to teach self - monitoring of appropriate social behaviors and how to script appropriate goals based on assessment.
Miguel Salazar

Miguel Salazar, MA: What Happens in School and Beyond

This presentation will focus on the nexus between school and beyond for individuals with autism. The discussion will focus on how the student, parents, schools, and advocates can work together in planning and implementing goals for a student to fulfill the purpose and promise of IDEA. He discusses strategies and techniques that will support a student and parents in reaching their post school goals. There will be ample time for questions and dialogue with the audience members.

Bio: Miguel has over thirty years' experience in helping New York City parents secure educational entitlements for their children. He is a former Administrative Hearing Officer for the Division of Special Education of the New York City Department of Education. He is a former adjunct at both Hunter College of the City of New York and at Turo College at the graduate level in special education. He has worked at several New York City nonprofit agencies in the area of direct advocacy and public policy on education. He has earned a Master's Degree in Philosophy of Education from the Steinhardt School of Education of New York University and a Bachelor of Arts from Colombia University. He is the father of four adult children, two of whom have disabilities.
Martha Herbert- Transcending Autism

Martha Herbert: Transcending Autism

A whole-body-brain systems and gene-environment approach.
Steven Shore- Including Children with Autism in the Music Curriculum

Dr. Stephen Shore: Including Children with Autism in the Music Curriculum- An Overview

The presentation focuses on the meaningful inclusion of children with autism and other disabilities in learning to play instruments, participate in ensembles, and in general music class using techniques applicable to all learners. Music as THE means of communication, organizing verbal communication skills, and addressing challenges in the motoric, social, representation, and other areas are explored.
December 8th Workshop - 46 of 71[2]

Model School Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices Hosts Innovative Workshop on Adaptive Daily Living Skills Because Independence Matters

Model School Shema Kolainu – Hear Our Voices (SKHOV) announces yet again another great success for its unique workshop series hosted at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. The last to date discussed how to teach adaptive daily living skills to children with autism. Educational Director Gili Rechany of the school and center for children with disabilities once again captivated the audience by offering the ideal blend of subject matter expertise, oratory skills, authenticity and rich content.

Dr. Stephen Shore's lecture on "Senses and Sensibility"

Many persons on the autistic spectrum experience sensory stimuli with such variation that it can either be completely causing extreme discomfort, or on the other hand, be undetectable, and/or be so distorted as to be useless. All of these situations can be overwhelming, and at times dangerous. The aim of this presentation is to enable susceptible individuals and those close to them to minimize the effect of or avoid such situations, thereby enabling those who have these sensitivities to take advantage of opportunities that might otherwise be too overwhelming to otherwise even consider.

Parenting a Child with Autism

Chani Katz, BCBA and IEP Coordinator delivered an inspiring workshop on Parenting a Child with Autism on March 10th at the midtown landmark, Hotel Pennsylvania. The monthly workshop is part of a free series for parents, teachers, therapists and others working with children on the autism spectrum provided by the NYC Council Autism Initiative Funding. According to Ms. Katz, the objective of the Parenting a Child with Autism workshop is twofold: Firstly, it serves “to enable parents to make changes by taking initiative” and secondly, it signals the “importance of researching and finding out which resources are available to autistic kids or children with special needs.” Last week’s Workshop addressed strategies, concerns and solutions applicable to parents, caretakers and educators aiding children with special needs. These included: how to conduct basic functional analysis to monitor various behaviors in diverse settings (at the beach, park, museums, or parties); tactics to help modify a child’s behavior in public spaces; and how to introduce the child to unfamiliar public situations. Ms. Katz also showed sample videos on functional behavioral assessments. One such video focused on wide-open spaces and the rules of behavior and play which are not typically or directly taught. Some rules are communicated verbally, and some belong to the “hidden curriculum” of playground behavior. In other words the expectations are just “understood”. As such, Chani presented a comprehensive plan, complete with solutions and multiple ideas to assist and guide parents and children in public spaces. Furthermore, Ms. Katz introduced the audience to various outings in and around the New York City area, including the new Sensory Room which opened at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, free special needs programs at Brooklyn Public Library branches, The Child’s Place, NYC Sports Programs for Kids with Special Needs, Puppet Works, Adaptive Music Lessons, and movies showings for individuals and families living with autism.

Chani Katz: ASD Verbal Behavior