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    Dr. Stephen Shore Speaks About Career Success For Those on the Autism Spectrum
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    Miguel M. Salazar, Child Educational Advocate, on Meeting Education Goals in School and Beyond

Course Details

Chani Katz, BCBA and IEP Coordinator delivered an inspiring workshop on
Parenting a Child with Autism on March 10th at the midtown landmark, Hotel Pennsylvania. The monthly workshop is part of a free series for parents, teachers, therapists and others working with children on the autism spectrum provided by the NYC Council Autism Initiative Funding.

According to Ms. Katz, the objective of the Parenting a Child with Autism workshop is twofold: Firstly, it serves “to enable parents to make changes by taking initiative” and secondly, it signals the “importance of researching and finding out which resources are available to autistic kids or children with special needs.”

Last week’s Workshop addressed strategies, concerns and solutions applicable to parents, caretakers and educators aiding children with special needs. These included: how to conduct basic functional analysis to monitor various behaviors in diverse settings (at the beach, park, museums, or parties); tactics to help modify a child’s behavior in public spaces; and how to introduce the child to unfamiliar public situations.

Ms. Katz also showed sample videos on functional behavioral assessments. One such video focused on wide-open spaces and the rules of behavior and play which are not typically or directly taught. Some rules are communicated verbally, and some belong to the “hidden curriculum” of playground behavior. In other words the expectations are just “understood”. As such, Chani presented a comprehensive plan, complete with solutions and multiple ideas to assist and guide parents and children in public spaces.

Furthermore, Ms. Katz introduced the audience to various outings in and around the New York City area, including the new Sensory Room which opened at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, free special needs programs at Brooklyn Public Library branches, The Child’s Place, NYC Sports Programs for Kids with Special Needs, Puppet Works, Adaptive Music Lessons, and movies showings for individuals and families living with autism.

– See more at: http://www.hear-our-voices.org/newsite/Success%20Stories#sthash.sWTVDNHR.dpuf