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    Anat Baniel Speaks About NeuroMovement Approach at 2014 ICARE Conference
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    ASAN President Ari Ne'Eman's Keynote Speech
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    Dr. Stephen Shore Speaks About Career Success For Those on the Autism Spectrum
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    Miguel M. Salazar, Child Educational Advocate, on Meeting Education Goals in School and Beyond

Course Details

Dr. Stephen Shore: Including Children with Autism in the Music Curriculum- An Overview

Description: The presentation focuses on the meaningful inclusion of children with autism and other disabilities in learning to play instruments, participate in ensembles, and in general music class using techniques applicable to all learners. Music as THE means of communication, organizing verbal communication skills, and addressing challenges in the motoric, social, representation, and other areas are explored.

Participants shall…
1. Learn practical solutions for including students with disabilities in music,
2. List at least two secondary benefits for engaging in music,
3. Be exposed to an alternate way of teaching notation,
4. Learn techniques for meaningful inclusion through alternate yet related activities

Bio:  Assistant Professor, Department of Special Education, Adelphi University
·         Member of the ICare4Autism Advisory Council
Diagnosed with “Atypical Development and strong autistic tendencies” and “too sick” for outpatient treatment Dr. Shore was recommended for institutionalization. Nonverbal until four, and with much support from his parents, teachers, wife, and others, Stephen is now a professor at Adelphi University where his research focuses on matching best practice to the needs of people with autism.
In addition to working with children and talking about life on the autism spectrum, Stephen presents and consults internationally on adult issues pertinent to education, relationships, employment, advocacy, and disclosure as discussed in his books Beyond the Wall: Personal Experiences with Autism and Asperger SyndromeAsk and Tell: Self-advocacy and Disclosure for People on the Autism Spectrum, the critically acclaimed Understanding Autism for Dummies., and the newly released DVD Living along the Autism Spectrum: What it means to have Autism or Asperger Syndrome.
President emeritus of the Asperger’s Association of New England and former board member of the Autism Society, Dr. Shore serves in the Interagency Autism Coordinating  CommitteeAsperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism AssociationUnited States Autism and Asperger Association, and other autism related organizations.